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It saddens me that I’ve not written in this blog in ages.  I rest the reason for that squarely on the shoulders of my extreme laziness, the beautiful weather, the fact that nobody reads this blog and me being a problem drinker.  So today, instead of me writing, I have a guest blogger in da house (how cool am I? I feel like a backup dancer in Kid n’ Play’s classic movie House Party 1,2 and 3).  One of my very good friends, Petunia von Waffles has written an epic tale of a friendship not seen since Jason Priestly and Shannen Doherty portrayed innocent soon to be corrupted brother and sister Brandon and Brenda Walsh who secretly wanted to make out with each other.

Seriously, Petunia and I spend probably 80% of our time leaning back to back looking introspective and vapid.

Anyways, the proceeding blog is a true story about my past, present and future and more importantly, my relationship with Petunia von Waffles.  All names, dates, locations, and illegitimate children have been changed badly to protect the innocent.  The innocent being me and only me.

Stephanie Q. Blarosz III: A Retrospective

By: Petunia von Waffles 

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