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I made a rapture joke at work today:

"I wonder if Kirk Cameron is angry he got Left Behind! Haaaaaaaaaaaa….. get it?”

Get it?!  The hot older brother from Growing Pains of DJ from Full House grew up into a crazy extremely devout Christian and made a series of movies about the rapture and apocalypse titled Left Behind!  They made three movies about this and I think the first won 10 Christian Oscars.  

Nobody laughed at my joke.  They kind of just looked at me like, “Why is this girl in this meeting and why is she eating all of our bagels?”  Answer:  I love bagels.  Left Behind!

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  1. buildingaladder said: *Stopped to let HIM cross, I didn’t stop my own car to let myself cross - that doesn’t make any sense.
  2. crabcakes said: Nobody appreciates a good Left Behind joke anymore.
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