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I haven’t written here in forever.  To be honest, I miss it.  So for those of you who still read this (Hi mom! Just kidding!  If she knew about this blog my stomach would implode with a fever of anxiety not seen since the time I was almost 100% positive I had accidentally given my one and half year old niece a glass of pure vodka instead of water!  It’s OK guys, it was actually water!  Don’t call Child Services, her brain is still functioning at full capacity and I won’t let her touch a drink until she’s 35! Also, I had already drank the aforementioned glass of vodka, it was delicious, so the only person booze made more awesome affected that day was me.) I’m going to start updating more. 

  1. burgermeisternyc said: Yesss! My letters to Jesus have been answered!
  2. dorothypzbornak said: I LOVE YOU
  3. buildingaladder said: I MISSED YOU!!! (Ok, now I’m actually reading what you wrote…)
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